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This National Homelessness Week, I'll be taking on 122,000 steps to raise funds for the 122,000 Australians currently experiencing homelessness.

The funds I raise will support Mission Australia, who believe every Australian should have access to a safe home. Mission Australia offer nationwide wraparound support services to avoid homelessness for the long-term and ensure more people can truly thrive.

I would love your support! Every donation will get me one step closer to reaching my goal and helping Mission Australia find a safe home for Australians in need.

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Tuesday 25th Jun
Hi, my name is Tracey, 
When I ran my cafe in Redcliffe i used to arrive at the shop at 4am to cook and that particular hour of the morning really opened my eyes to the homeless people in the area. 
I befriended a man who used to sleep out back and he became regular company. I would make him meals and sometimes he would offer to do some dishes and at the end of the day i used to box up the food left over and he would take it to other homeless people to share. We knew each other for about a year before he moved on and i was fortunate to watch his life & health go from strength to strength during that time. I used to wish i could just give him the keys to my shop to sleep in there at night but it wasn’t a real option. I was inspired and came up with the idea of paying it forward with my vegan pies, and the community used to buy one pie for themselves and one for someone in need. The donated pies used to get handed out from the community centre. 
My sister and my nieces and nephews have all experienced homelessness and it’s so hard when your hands are tied to help them. 
What i like about this fundraiser is that it’s not just aiming at any kind of shelter but a safe one. 
I have a $1000 goal i am reaching for. 
I’ve been upping my activity lately to prepare for this challenge because it’s going to be a huge week to reach 122,000 steps but i am so happy i get include my Jazzercise dance steps in the count. Wishing everyone a wonderful week of steps for safe houses. 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Tracey Chapman





Jessy Maher

You go girl!!!! 122,000 steps here we go, will be cheering for you 👍🫶



Nice work 🙏🏽🩵


Juliana Towers

All the best sister. You are amazing!



Go Tracey 👏



Thanks Tracey for doing this to support a worthy cause.



Come girl you can do this 👏👏💕💕


Adam Chapman

You got this!!!





Love you Tracey! I'm with you in spirit as you embrace this project.



Such a great cause, Trace! ❤️