Linh Nguyen

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Together we stand

This National Homelessness Week, I'll be taking on 122,000 steps to raise funds for the 122,000 Australians currently experiencing homelessness.

The funds I raise will support Mission Australia, who believe every Australian should have access to a safe home. Mission Australia offer nationwide wraparound support services to avoid homelessness for the long-term and ensure more people can truly thrive.

I would love your support! Every donation will get me one step closer to reaching my goal and helping Mission Australia find a safe home for Australians in need.

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The 3 Amigos

We're so proud of you bud!


Dream Team

Happy Early Birthday Linh ,Wishing you many more years to come . Love from the Dream Team


Anna Babaians

Go girl, you’re an inspiration ❤️


Kery O'neill


Tina Angelidis

Go you, always thinking of others x



Amazing stuff 💪!!


Thanh Quach

Always looking out for others, Linh



Happy Birthday 🥳


Estelle Ayik